Hotel Property Investment is part of Experience International’s IGA and Alternative Investment Division.

Experience International was founded in 2004 and over the years has offered many property different investment opportunities to our clients around the world.

We are a central London based property investment company with a substantial client base of investors from around the world. We provide our clients with exclusive access to market leading products generating personal wealth through safe and intelligent portfolio management.

Nowadays we have a division to specialise on IGAs (Income Generating Assets) and Alternative Investments. The investments we bring to market in this division are non-traditional investment products innovatively designed to meet the needs of today’s astute investor in market sectors seldom available to the individual investor.

Income Generating Assets (IGA’s) are widely regarded as first-class turnkey alternative investment products, and are very popular with investors interested in increasing the purchasing power of their money.

Key Features

  • Low risk
  • Cash flow positive
  • Increasing yields (over time) provide resale at higher price
  • First class turnkey investment
  • Long term robust income stream
  • Hands-off investment